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Happy Girl Creations - Mobile Bar Catering Service:
"Raising the Bar, One Cocktail At A Time"

Happy Girl Creations, launched by Laura Fountaine in 2012, offers hosted bar services for special events and private parties of any size in D.C, Maryland and Virginia. The Happy Girl Creations team consists of top-notch hospitality and event planning experts, whose focus is to ensure your next event or party is seamless, successful and memorable. We provide services to special event industry professionals, sports & music promoters, private individuals and non-profits. We would love to be the mobile bar caterer for your upcoming event.

We will be happy to put together a custom tailored bar package to fit your event's needs and budget. If you have any questions, visit our website at or send an email to


F.A. Foodie on Patrol:
Is my alter ego. Part Food Super Hero, Part Flavor Stalker.
Nemesis: Picky Eaters, Bad Drinks & Rude Restaurateurs
This blog is your one stop shop for the unexpected in food:
• Funny kitchen bloopers
• Restaurant impressions
• Food trends
• Food fiction
• Food history/culture
• Wild & wacky food facts
• Food Science
• As well as additional resources for your own food journeys
I’ve spent 36 years trying to find that “THING” I could throw myself and my passion into. As is always the case with true love, it was there all the time, patiently waiting for me to finally admit my obsession. To this day, I find it just as unique, attractive and exciting as when we first met. FOOD & DRINK! Now all there is left to do is to share my obsession with the world!!! This blog is full of things that make me laugh, make me sigh, make me beg and make me hungry. It will all culminate into the cookbook of my dreams at the end of 2013. I hope to see you there and I hope to make you hungry!

Laura aka F.A. Foodie on Patrol


Bartending and Mixology. Using family & friends as guinea pigs to my culinary experiments, ridiculing picky eaters, gungho pitchwoman for all of my favorite restaurants and food trucks (LOL), taking long romantic walks by myself through international food marts, Cooking Channel and Food Network Marathons on Sunday mornings from my bed.